Technology so far ahead that we skipped web 3.0.
This is the web 4.0.


At Hivesnack, we strive to push the boundaries, define the web, and do what no one has ever believed possible.

Single tiered apps, multi tiered apps, cloud hosted apps, clustered apps, what do theses all have in common? They are not good enough. We can, and have done better. Welcome to the web 4.0


Clustering wasn't enough, 1.4 billion RaspberryPis weren't enough, the cloud wasn't enough. We went further than anyone has ever gone before. We call it OZONE COMPUTING.


Hivesnack is hosted in the clouds. Not just one cloud, all of them! Using state of the art in-house load balancing technology, we spread the load across AWS, Azure, Rackspace, Century Link, and Joyent. This makes us the most productive company ever.

Distributing our services across clouds means that we can guarantee an uptime of 99.99999999999999% (that's 3.15576 picoseconds of downtime per year). With such a distributed system, you might be worried about the additional latency that might be added.


Our talented group of innovative hyper-specialized distributed ultra-stack professional ozone engineers have been hard at work ensuring only the best performance. Our Ozone networks incur a minor latency of 6 seconds per call. THAT'S AMAZING.